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Media has a potential to bring a consciousness shift. It can also bring us down to the lowest common denominator and exploit us. We choose what type of media we create, consume and support. In the end it is either the media that we shape or the media that shapes us. Here at FIVE Pictures we believe that through empowering and collaboration you can become the one who shapes the change.

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Know of a new promising project? Share it with us! We have an eye for a work with consciousness shifting potential. We constantly widen our network of creators, looking out for new projects to select and hand-pick those with the best potential.


We utilise our platform and our social networks to promote the projects we love and ask you to help spread the word.


Our team joins in to help launching selected projects. We ask your help to get it funded, we utilise our network of creators to find resources and people to produce it.


It is an ever-evolving process. We constantly educate ourselves to better our skills and we share our experience to empower others.

Projects We Love

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